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breast reduction.

too big?

While many women desire voluptuous breasts, disproportionately large breasts can be debilitating, causing back pain, skin rashes, and limit mobility with daily activities and exercise. They may elicit unwanted attention and are emotionally taxing, making women feel self-conscious. To support the extra weight, many women wear multiple bras and notice deep grooving of their shoulders from bra straps. Over time, the weight of the breasts also results in premature sagging, and they often become pendulous. 

Breast reduction removes excess weight to alleviate these symptoms. At your consultation, Dr. Lisa Hwang will get to know your goals to formulate a customized approach for you. As a female aesthetic plastic surgeon, not only will she help you reduce the size of your breasts, she will also help mold your breasts into a more perky and youthful shape! She will discuss the nuances of surgery to help you achieve beautiful results that complement your natural physique.



By removing cumbersome weight, you will achieve improved mobility and physical comfort. Women frequently notice immediate relief of back pain after surgery. The grooving of their shoulders soften and the breasts no longer rub against adjacent skin. 


Chronic pain and unwanted attention can take an emotional toll. Pain relief can revamp one's outlook on life--women often return for their immediate postop visit, rejuvenated and ecstatic! With recovery, they begin to enjoy a more active lifestyle, and experience an improved quality of life!


Breast reduction not only downsizes but also reshapes the breast. Breasts become more proportional, and clothes fit better, with more beautiful cleavage. It transforms flat, pendulous breasts into rounder, perkier breasts that sit in a more youthful position. 

breast reduction.


Surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Depending on the extent of the breast reduction, surgery may take between 2 to 3 hours.  Different incisions are used to treat increasing problem severity: 1.  the "lollipop" (circle around the areola + vertical line to the bottom of the breast) 2. the "anchor"(circle + vertical line + horizontal line alone the bottom of the breast). Dr. Lisa Hwang will discuss your anticipated scars beforehand.


After breast reduction, some discomfort, bruising, and swelling are expected. Bruising should resolve by 2 weeks and swelling by 4 weeks. A properly sized, supportive bra is recommended during recovery. 


Dr. Lisa Hwang generally recommends that her patients take one week off work. People with more sedentary jobs can return sooner than those with more physically demanding jobs. Avoid heavy lifting over ten pounds for 3 weeks. At that point, you can resume daily activities and light exercise. 

risks & Complications.

Risks of breast reduction include bleeding, infection, asymmetry, delayed wound healing, changes or loss of nipple sensation, and bad scarring.

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