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Our unique identifier, our faces play a critical role in how we identify ourselves and how we interact with others. Based on our mannerisms and facial expressions, others perceive personal qualities such as availability, affability, and ability, the three pillars of excellence. As this can affect both our personal and professional lives, we want our outer appearance to positively and accurately reflect our inner selves.

Certain facial features can distort the perception of others. A low-set brow can appear aggressive or angry, while a high forehead and wide-eyed appearance may suggest congeniality. A longer, more prominent nose may appear more "masculine," while a shorter, retruded chin may appear more "feminine." There are many ways in which facial features may create an impression that contradicts how you feel. As we are often our own worst critic, our silent insecurities inevitably affect our self-confidence and sense of attractiveness. 

Dr. Lisa Hwang specializes in aesthetic surgery of the face--she approaches the face as a whole, as relationships among facial features are just as important as the individual features themselves. She understands that while we scrutinize our own faces, we are also extremely protective of them. In general, her guiding principle with the face is that less is more. Based on your concerns, she will customize a plan to help you achieve a look that is both understated and natural


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