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Revive. revitalize.

Looking for quick results without going under the knife? A myriad of skin care and injectable treatments can revitalize your appearance without any downtime. With injectables, think "less is more." Dr. Lisa Hwang believes in using injectables to achieve facial harmony and to restore age-related volume loss, to enhance natural features while preserving some degree of facial movement. Nobody wants to look frozen or overdone. 


One of the main challenges in treating facial aging is deciding when the signs are too severe, and injectables will not suffice i.e. severe skin laxity and excess, lower eye bags, brow drooping, etc. Many providers may attempt injectable treatments, but fail to yield adequate results, as surgery is necessary to treat the underlying problem. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Hwang understands the full spectrum--she can help you develop your short term, as well as your long term plan.

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